House of 1000 Cores


    UC Davis Department of Electrical and computer Engineering, designed a microchip that has 1,000 processors.  No, that is not a typo. There really are 1,000 independently programmable processors. Cool right? This chip can handle 1.78 trillion instructions per second with only using .7 Watts of power.  Basically it can run off of one AA battery, which means it takes less power for this super microchip to function than your Xbox controller.

    This super microchip is really handy when it comes to encryption, processing scientific data, encoding videos, and much more. Since the cores are independent, there isn’t much limitation to its performance in processing data.

    While this was designed by UC Davis it was produced by IBM on their ancient 32 nanometer chip.  This super microchip will more than likely not be mass produced just due to the fact it is on an older piece of technology (IBM is currently producing 14 nanometer chips).  At this point, it is not a big deal when it comes to daily devices having a super chip. Most of them function better with fewer, faster cores.  But, as for the scientific community, UC Davis may have opened up a new world of possibilities for how quickly data can be processed.

    Taylore Coccioletti
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