Google Trips wants to plan your next vacation


    Planning a vacation should be fun and free of stress… right? For many vacation goers stress can begin as soon as you pick a destination. Just as important as deciding on a location is what to do while you are there. In a GoodThink study, 74 percent of people feel the most stress when planning the details of a trip. Usually we would resort to internet searches or our friends and family to aid us during this stressful time. Google recently announced their solution, Google Trips.

    From the casual vacationer to the power traveller, Google Trips is packed with an abundance of useful features that everyone can take advantage of. The “For You” part of the “Things to do” section will maximize the amount of time you have for sight seeing by presenting local places of interest and calculate the most efficient route to see it all. The efficiency of the route comes from a 208 year old problem we today call Graph Theory.

    Another powerful feature is how Google Trips will use the information in your mailbox, like reservations or boarding passes, and organize them within the app and present them to you even if you’re not connected to the internet. Yes, all of this information is stored offline so that if you are in an area with unreliable or no cell signal you can still get the phone number for your hotel or double check the time of your dinner reservation.


    Right now the itinerary planner is only available for 200 of the most popular destinations in the world and there is no word yet on when or if additional cities will be added. Per Google, they are working on adding are time based events “… we noticed that visits to Buckingham Palace spike around 11:30 and stay a bit longer than at other times of the day. This seemed a little strange to us, but when we looked more closely, it turns out to be the time of the Changing of the Guard.”

    Google trips is available on Android and iOS



    John Niedbala
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