Friday, February 23, 2018

Candice Chandler

Candice Chandler
Candice Chandler is a writing and editing professional that's contributed to both in print and online magazines for the past 10 years. She's written and researched articles regarding environmentalism, infrastructure, business, mental illness, technology, science and news. Hailing from Southern California, Candice enjoys anything ocean-related, reading and blissfully enduring her high-maintenance hound, Olive.
helicopter drone landed on ground

Elon Musk urges United Nations to ban killer robots

Elon Musk and over 100 engineers and artificial intelligence scientists have posted an open letter encouraging the United Nations (UN) to globally ban autonomous...

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Facebook using a selfie to prove your identity

Facebook now uses a selfie to prove your identity

The next time Facebook notices suspicious activity on your account, they could be asking you to verify your identity via selfie. The social media...
restaurant no wait empty table

Google now shows wait times for sit down restaurants and soon grocery stores

Google has once again improved the live search results returned for businesses. Last year Google added the ability to do real time crowd tracking....
Waymo driverless pilot in Phoenix

No one’s in the driver’s seat of these driverless cars by Waymo

This week, Waymo debuted a public test of their self-driving cars in the Phoenix metro area with one very important thing missing - a...