Sunday, June 25, 2017

John Niedbala

John Niedbala
John Niedbala is the Editor-in-Chief and writer for Fanvive. When he's not working, you'll likely find him on the tennis court or trying a new local restaurant.
usb drive

Facebook adds hardware support for Two Factor Authentication

A post Snowden era has put the spotlight on how vulnerable online services can be. Many companies including Google and the New York Times have already...
vanilla drone in flight

“Vanilla” drone breaks nonstop flight records

At New Mexico State University’s Unmanned Air Systems Flight Test Center the Vanilla Aircraft VA001 UAV drone took off for a record breaking flight. Vanilla,...
Turf Tank ION

The Turf Tank ION autonomous robot comes to a sports field near you

Autonomous technology made a huge splash last year as companies like Uber and nuTonomy tested their vehicles on the streets of major cities. Other...
Google Building

Department of Labor files lawsuit against Google for compensation data

Earlier this month the US Department of Labor filed a lawsuit against Google because of their failure to submit information as part of a...

New breathalyzer finds the “breathprint” of 17 diseases

Soon doctors could be using a newly developed breathalyzer to check patients for 17 diseases using only your breath. Researchers have discovered a way to detect...
at&t call protect on phone

AT&T Call Protect aims to curb nuisance calls

Tis the season for spammers and fraudsters to start calling again. The FTC has notices on how to spot fake charities or what to do if...
Uber app on phone

Former Uber employee alleges God View is still up and running

Samuel Spangenberg, former employe of Uber, alleges in court documents that Uber employees are able to track anyone using a real-time "aerial" program called God View....
iot cloud

FTC publishes best practices on securing your IoT devices

Just a few months ago the world witnessed a new online threat capable of taking down internet giants like Twitter and Netflix. The source...
nestle master chocolatiers

Nestlé discovers a new “groundbreaking” all natural sugar

Scientists at Nestlé have discovered a new sugar crystal. In a press release, Nestlé announced that this discovery will allow them to reduce the amount of sugar in their...
No junk mail sign on a door

Stopping Apple iCloud calendar spam (at least for now)

If you have an iCloud account then it's likely you have been getting spam messages added directly to your calendar. When used for good,...

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uber app opening on smartphone

Travis Kalanick leaves the driver’s seat at Uber

It’s only been a week into Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s sudden leave of absence from the ride-hailing startup but he’s already telling us he...
CSCS Swiss Supercomputer

US drops to 4th on the Top500 list of world’s fastest supercomputer

Coinciding with the kickoff of the ISC High Performance conference in Frankfurt Germany, the Top500 has released the rankings of the worlds most powerful supercomputers....
Two reconstructions of the second hominin face

Homo Sapien fossils in Morocco could rewrite human evolutionary history

What looks to be the oldest fossilized remains of Homo Sapiens have been unearthed out of Morocco. As it turns out, this discovery is...