Thursday, October 19, 2017

Kelly Paik

Kelly Paik
Kelly Paik writes about science and technology for Fanvive. When she's not catching up on the latest innovations, she uses her free-time painting and roaming to places with languages she can't speak. Because she rather enjoys fumbling through cities and picking things on the menu through a process of eeny meeny miny moe.

Turning Carbon Emissions to Stone?

We all know putting too much carbon dioxide in the air poses a huge problem for our planet. But we also have an undying...

Magic Leap partnering with Twilio to build apps for mixed-reality tech

Magic Leap recently announced a partnership with Twilio to build out new communications apps for its yet-to-be-released mixed-reality headset. Now the company promising to...

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Assistant Professor Canan Dagdeviren (left) Researcher Giovanni Traver (right)

Researchers made an edible sensor that monitors intestinal health

Diagnosing stomach and intestinal problems can be hard to do without seeing exactly what’s going on inside. That’s why scientists have for some time...
Google Pixel Buds being worn

Pixel Buds by Google has the opportunity to change the world

In San Francisco last week Google held their Google's Pixel 2 event. Along with announcing the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Google made...
people carrying water in baskets

New research confirms the link between drought and violence

In times when the land is parched, we see crops wither in the sun, commodity prices skyrocket, and local economies destabilize. For these reasons,...