Sunday, April 23, 2017

Kelly Paik

Kelly Paik
Kelly Paik writes about science and technology for Fanvive. When she's not catching up on the latest innovations, she uses her free-time painting and roaming to places with languages she can't speak. Because she rather enjoys fumbling through cities and picking things on the menu through a process of eeny meeny miny moe.
Yahoo Logo

Verizon will still buy Yahoo in light of data hackings

  Yahoo might have its flaws, but Verizon will still try and make it work for the two of them. The two companies announced an...
Human holding lab mouse

What genetically engineered mice can tell us about cocaine addiction

Drug addiction isn’t just about making bad choices in life. One study on mutated lab mice is building on a body of work saying...
youtube viewing

YouTube ditching the 30 second unskippable ads starting in 2018

We’ve all been tricked by it. That one YouTube ad you think you can click “Skip Ad” on to get to the actual content...
picture of a hirondellea gigas

Chemicals banned in the 70s found in creatures living in the Mariana Trench

It’s hard to find a part of the Earth that hasn’t been impacted by human existence these days. Even the most remote beaches of...
3d model of attractive dancing

This is what makes for a more attractive dance, according to science

Want to know if your dance moves look sexy to the opposite sex? One team of researchers at Northumbria University conducted a study that...

Google Brain enhances low resolution images

The research team at Google Brain just learned how to add realistic detail to low-resolution images using neural networks. It definitely doesn’t work as...
picture of outside the US Supreme Court

Silicon Valley goes to court over US travel ban

Over 100 companies have now filed a legal brief condemning President Donald Trump’s recent travel ban on seven majority Muslim countries. Most of the...
walmart warehouse

Walmart takes aim at Amazon with free 2-day shipping

For some time now, Walmart has been gearing up for a battle to steal Amazon’s title as top ecommerce giant in the U.S. In...
Woman texting on cell phone

Federal workers using encryption to talk Trump

It’s hard to believe we’re only three weeks into the Trump presidency but here we are. Yet for all the frenzy surrounding the new...
Nasa Astronaut Scott

What NASA’s twins study told us about how space can affect our bodies

Living in space can take its toll on our health. And while NASA already knows a lot about the effects it can have on...

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coil of small magnets

Researchers use computational models to discover two new magnets

From computers to medical devices, magnets power a wide range of technology that we use everyday. However, rare earth magnets scarce due to their cost...
Computer browsers Edge, Firefox, and Chrome

Microsoft Edge throws the latest punch in the ongoing battery wars

There’s a hint in the air the browser wars are making something of a comeback. And this time around, the measuring stick everyone seems...
Taking a picture using Instagram

Instagram goes offline and Facebook apps become location aware

Facebook has posted the agenda for their annual two day F8 Developer Conference. On April 18th and 19th, Conference goers will get to choose...