Friday, April 28, 2017

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Echo Look on Closet Shelf

Echo Look by Amazon uses Machine Learning to give fashion advice

On Wednesday, Amazon announced the latest product of the Echo line. The latest skill for Alexa will have her become your personal fashion consultant....
person typing on keyboard

BrickerBot: One hacker resorts to vigilantism to eradicate unsecured IoT devices

It's not often someone writes malware with the intention of being helpful. But the creator of BrickerBot is hoping their bot will create enough...
CSIC researcher Federica Bertocchini with a specimen of a wax worm

Scientist discovers that the Waxworm can eat plastic

Behold the Waxworm, a caterpillar capable of eating plastic. These creepy crawlies are normally found in beehives where they dine on honey and wax....

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